Dominion Gold Full Foil Edition

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Dominion playing cards uses custom illustrated courts of the most well-known Kings and Queens of fictional and non-fictional empires of all times.  It reimagines the courts of a standard deck with illustrations that are gorgeous and colorful, with intricate details.

Double-Sided Full-Foil on ultra-thin card stock

Imagine spray painting a mirror, you would have some shiny silver bits that you leave without paint, and some colorful bits depending on how much and which color you spray on the mirror. This is a rudimentary example of how the full-foil printing and production process works.

ypically this printing technique is used on trading cards (Pokemon) but never on playing cards due to the research and development involved in ensuring the playing cards handle just as well as a standard deck, with no clumping or chipped edges.

Full-foil is beneficial because you can overprint multiple colors to make any part of the artwork shine with varying reflectivity levels, exactly where you want it to be. No more detail loss or artwork shift like you can see with hot foiling.

Sculpted Embossing

Acid-etching and hand-crafted embossing plates create rounded embossed elements in the artwork, which Legends will use for the Dominion tuck boxes. A close look at the blind embossed elements of the tuck (the parts without the shiny foil) and you can see why sculpted embossing is an elegant alternative to standard embossing.

In addition to sculpted embossing, the Dominion tuck boxes feature embossed elements within the hot foil. If you look closely at the griffon artwork in the shield, that is accomplished by pressing an embossing plate through the hot foil and soft touch paper of the tuck box. An advanced packaging technique which is masterfully highlighted by Jody Eklund’s artwork.


  • Premium Quality Paper Stock
  • Gold HOT FOIL STAMPING on both outside and inside of tuck box
  • The Tuck case will have strategic 3D EMBOSSING


  •  Backs/Faces - Double-Sided Full Foil with printed CMYK Inks
  •  Size - Poker Size
  •  Paper Stock - Premium Casino Grade
  • 54 Custom Illustrated Face Cards 

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