Umbra is a custom deck of playing cards revealing characters that exist in the world of Luminosity. Designed by Jody Eklund and written by Ricky Cassford, this allegory – years before The Events at Umbra Ridge, told through the Luminosity Deck – creatively illustrates the journey from shadow into light, or – if you will – from Umbra to Luminosity.

Darkness has taken the West.  In The Caverns of Umbra, the children of The Skahthir renewed their lives after their land was lost to the darkness.  The fires that kept them warm kept them safe and gave them light. They found redemption in Umbra for nearly forty years... but they were all deceived.

The journey to escape Umbra though comprised of rifts and chasms also includes enlightenment and revelation. Would you help bring this project out of the shadows? Would you support the enlightenment of Umbra?

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