Top Aces - WWII Edition Playing Cards

TOP ACES of WWII playing cards is a custom deck intricately illustrated as a dedication to the many daredevils of WWII.

Top Aces of WWII is all about the heroes that flew in WWII. In this deck are all of the Top Aces from each country that were represented in World War II.

What is an Ace?

An Ace is a military aviator credited with shooting down several enemy aircraft during aerial combat. The actual number of aerial victories required to officially qualify as an "ace" has varied, but is usually considered to be five or more.

As always, there were a lot of hours spent illustrating each face cards and coming up with the over all look and feel.


  • 54 completely custom playing cards
  • Each court, ace and joker cards will have original illustrations
  • Air Cushion Embossed Card Finish
  • Premium Casino Grade Paper Stock
  • Elegant hot foil stamping will illuminate the tuck box.
  • An impressively embossed tuck
  • The tuck box material uses high quality linen-textured paper
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