Jolly Roger Kraken

Playing Cards

“The surface of the water was smooth as glass. The full moon could be perfectly seen, reflected upon the face of the sea, aye, even the image of the scars on the ship’s starboard cannons were visible… until the sea began to boil. Whirlpools began to descend from what was once glass, and fish began to flop, frantically piercing the shell that contained the ocean below. Something massive was rising from the deep. If it were on the horizon the call of “land-ho” would be heard from the crow’s nest, but this beast was ascending just over the rail. The watchman stared in stunned silence as massive tentacles emerged from the dark depths to threaten the ship and every last of the souls on board with certain death. No pirate power, nor flash of flag would menace this monster…”

Jolly Roger – Kraken is a uniquely designed deck of custom playing cards that illustrates a pirate's insatiable superstition. This deck depicts the legendary destruction of a gargantuan sea monster known as the Kraken. 

Created by Jody Eklund, Jolly Roger - Kraken captures the, now legendary style and way of life during the Golden Age of pirates. Upon the cards you will find faces of fictional characters similar to real life character like Anne Bonney, Black Beard, and Henry (Captain) Morgan … names that live in infamy, to “flush” out this unique set that would make a great addition to any collector’s treasure, or a lively addition to the gaming table.

There is a new sail on the horizon! The Jolly Roger – Kraken custom deck is ready to set sail, even braving the home waters of the beast, but it needs your help. It’s time for the legend to live on! It’s time to raise the sails and fly the colors! Will you fly the black Jolly Roger and offer surrender to your conquest, or will you fly the red, and offer “no quarter” (no mercy) to what stands between you and your spoil? Jolly Roger – Kraken is a score to be sought; a treasure to be prized. Will you help bring this project safely to port, and collect your share?

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