Luminosity - Queen of Hearts

Luminosity - Queen of Hearts


 Luminosity - Queen of Hearts Luminosity - Queen of Hearts

“Wielder of the Minds of Man:” a title given to Asenath Tjatae, resultant from the manner in which she orchestrates ideas and objects among the combatants of The Faction Wars.  An ancient messenger of Ahendahl, Asenath is able to speak directly into the mind of any of her subjects, near or far, without the faculties of her voice.  She has communicated for Ahendahl since before The Fracture, implementing his wishes and arranging attendants, soldiers, or armies to carry them out. Since their creation, strengthening and assuring The Ember Men, both in spirit and in vitality, has become her defining role.

 Asenath invariably works together with Ahendahl to set into motion necessary outcomes for deeds undertaken by the people of The Four Kingdoms.  Her power to physically move objects, with a mere thought, makes possible her constant presence in the Palace of The Kingdom of Light… Ahendahl sees, Asenath speaks and moves... making them the most powerful force in The Lucent Lands.


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