Luminosity - Jack of Hearts

Luminosity - Jack of Hearts


 Luminosity - Jack of Hearts Luminosity - Jack of Hearts

The only one of his house to live outside the Kingdom of Light, Perficio leads from among his people - fractured though they may be.  He is adored by Ahendhal, and is completely loyal to him. Ahendal has said that everything that he knows and possesses belongs to Perfico, up to the entirety of The Four Kingdoms. Ahendhal calls him, the King of the lucent lands. 

Perficio is a one armed blacksmith in the Ember Valley.  He spends his days forging tools and weapons to reunite the kingdoms.  His impeccable character has been through trials of battle and philosophy and has remained untarnished. There is nothing that he would not do to secure the safety of his friends, and the honor of his house, The House of Hearts.  He actively seeks to make peace between the Ember Men, who are pulled from two opposing directions by the other Factions.


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