LUMINOSITY - A New Direction

LUMINOSITY - A New Direction

Luminosity Main Image

Luminosity is a work in progress for a new deck of playing cards. It is an allegory depicting the age old conflict between good and evil. Using allegory allows me to represent a deeper spiritual meaning using the physical representation of Norse saga. Drawing from this genre allows me to tap into a rich narrative and bring to life a deeply personal journey. 

What is different about Luminosity from past Playing Card Projects?

Previously, the two characteristics that made my decks unique were my use of a contour cross-hatch style and a historical theme to tell a story. Ironically, these two aspects will be what I depart from for Luminosity. I have been wanting to do a Norse Mythology themed deck for quite some time, but felt that it had been overly represented. I also didn’t want to use the usual Viking mythological characters such as Odin, Thor or Fenrik, but desired to create my own mythological characters. 

Stylistically this deck is monochromatic with an antiqued fantasy look. I am not big on using a lot of different colors, but use color only to convey importance and meaning.

It’s interesting to note that even though this deck is not historical in nature, it does stay true to what draws me back to historical decks again and again. My desire is to be a story teller and take collectors of my art on a journey. Previously, that journey was through time, but now the odyssey is to the mythical land and rich textures of Luminosity. 

Why the change?

The reason for the change is quite simple…it’s time. I have been doing one type of style for the past 5 years. I’ve been noodling out what this change might be for some time, but haven’t found any compelling style to use or any meaningful way to convey a story I care about. The time has come and Luminosity is that change.

What is my desire for Luminosity?

Ricky Cassford, who helped me craft the tale of the “Iron Horse” is back to help me create the world of Luminosity. He did an awesome job with the Iron Horse, and no doubt, will help me create another epic story.

This time around though I’m inviting all of you to join the creative process. I need your help in the refinement of Luminosity. I will be posting progress images and time lapse videos as I craft the images for this deck. I need your comments and input to help shape the visual world that supports the narrative of Luminosity.

My hope is, by submitting my work to the larger community, that the work will be richer and spark interest in a story that is as old as time itself, but continues to compel and draw enthusiasts again and again.

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